Burn your books (no, don’t)

I drew another zen koan card today, and then drew a few from the Arcana deck (from Dead on Paper) for commentary. Koan: “I burn the books in my bag. But the verses written in my guts cannot be forgotten.” Cards: Emperor, 5 of Diamonds, 10 of Diamonds. Extra: 7 of Hearts. I think the […]

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Smile at the Captain

I drew another zen koan card to generate a question for the Vandenborre tarot deck. Koan: You smile–the world changes. My question: How do I change the world by smiling? Cards: Spanish Captain, World, Page of Coins This koan is a little too hippy-dippy for my tastes, but that might just be my mood. It […]

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Lose yourself

Around 20 years ago, I bought this deck of zen koans. I’d forgotten about it for a long time, until I found them recently. )I have a messy apartment.) I thought it would be an interesting exercise to use them to generate a question that I could try to answer with tarot cards. The koan […]

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