Burn your books (no, don’t)

I drew another zen koan card today, and then drew a few from the Arcana deck (from Dead on Paper) for commentary. Koan: “I burn the books in my bag. But the verses written in my guts cannot be forgotten.” Cards: Emperor, 5 of Diamonds, 10 of Diamonds. Extra: 7 of Hearts. I think the […]

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Cartomantically, A.R. Ammons

I’ve been enjoying The Really Short Poems of A. R. Ammons and a few of them made me think of various playing and tarot cards. Here’s a cartomantic translation of one poem, first using playing cards: I chose those cards on purpose because they seemed to translate the poem well. Two diamonds for two shining […]

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Killing the fortune-teller

I’ve used this title in a few places. I like how it sounds, how it brings to mind the concept of killing the Buddha, and for a few other reasons. I thought it also leant itself to some interesting questions for the cards. The first: Why kill the fortune-teller? I started with my go-to deck, […]

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Smile at the Captain

I drew another zen koan card to generate a question for the Vandenborre tarot deck. Koan: You smile–the world changes. My question: How do I change the world by smiling? Cards: Spanish Captain, World, Page of Coins This koan is a little too hippy-dippy for my tastes, but that might just be my mood. It […]

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Aquarius fire hermit

I was curious what the Spolia Tarot deck could show me, so I drew three cards. Looks like it can show me a few things about introspection and isolation, specifically its potential as a creative and destructive force.

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Strange trip

I drew three cards from The New Arcana to generate a question. A few came to mind: Can’t you see that travel is the answer? Does the world seem any different when you go looking for answers? How open are you to taking a strange trip?

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