Lose yourself


Around 20 years ago, I bought this deck of zen koans. I’d forgotten about it for a long time, until I found them recently. )I have a messy apartment.) I thought it would be an interesting exercise to use them to generate a question that I could try to answer with tarot cards.

The koan card that I drew: To find yourself is to lose yourself.

Question: How do I find and lose myself?

Cards: Page of Swords, Hanged Man, King of Cups.
Definitely do: Tower
Definitely don’t: Ace of Coins

A quick interpretation:
Upend yourself. Suspend yourself. Find yourself in the present, between bad thoughts about the past, and cautious optimism about the future. Lose yourself by giving up the idea of control. Let yourself hang.

Definitely release yourself. Destroy your idea of self. Definitely don’t focus on yourself. Don’t hold on to any thought, no matter how bright or apparently valuable—even this one.


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