Lantern, rabbit, snake, fish


I’m practicing reading with these tessera oracle charms. The question: what I should think about or reflect on for today?

Clockwise: lantern, rabbit, snake, fish. (I like how these remind me of tangrams.) If I use a positional layout, the lantern could be the past, the fish could be the present, snake the future, and rabbit the self.

A reading could be: Think about how you’re dwelling on the past and looking to illuminate and learn from it, but also how your fixation on some parts of it can be harmful, like when the moth gets too close to the lantern.

Think about what you’re working on right now, what you’re working towards, like how the koi fish swims upstream (it perseveres and struggles to overcome challenges), and what you are outgrowing and will need to leave behind, like the snake shedding its skin.

Focus on taking action in the moment–the archer going after a rabbit has only one moment and must act perfectly, without hesitation.

If I don’t use positional meanings, another reading could be: Think about what happens when people would try to go hunting at night. You take a lantern outside and you attract night-time insects. The fish see you coming and head the other way.

You flush out a rabbit–it’s fast but you’ve caught it sleeping, which puts you at an advantage. You can get it if you let your arrow go with perfect timing and accuracy, which requires a great deal of training and expertise, and possibly a lot of luck.

However, you might not see the snake that is also out hunting. It seems to be a lesson about weighing the risks and rewards of venturing into unfamiliar territory to achieve a goal.

How badly do you want it? Are you ready to be frustrated (bugs) disappointed (fish), to take immediate action (rabbit), to be surprised and not necessarily in a good way (snake)?


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